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Scholarships to help regional students pursue their university dreams.

Our Director of Social Research - Dr Natalie Herd - and her husband Simon certainly practice what they preach! Natalie and Simon are proud donors of a residential college scholarship at The University of Melbourne's St Hilda's College. This scholarship gives bright young regional students the opportunity to pursue their university dreams. Nice work Herds!!

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Would you switch from donuts to fruit?!

We loved working with AIA Insurance and The Reputation Group on the donut experiment!

You can see the footage from The Project here. The purpose of the experiment was to see if an incentive could convince people to switch from a donut to a fresh fruit cup. More people made the switch when offered an incentive compared to those who were just told that donuts were unhealthy. (There's more info on the science of incentives for health here.)

Thanks to our great Think Tanker Prof. Bill von Hippel and our wonderful experimenters Catherine and Issac...and Gen, Anna, and Anna working behind the scenes!

Academic Publications

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